Akron’s Brightest Smiles

Start with Tooth Whitening

Did you know that when people look at us, the first thing they notice is our eyes and the second thing is our smiles? And while they are looking at our smiles, they are developing opinions about who and what we are. A study by Beall Research and Training in Chicago tells us that people with whiter smiles appear healthier, more intelligent and more successful. While we know that that isn’t necessarily true, something in our unconscious is triggered by a beautiful white smile and attracted to it. A whiter smile can also take years off your appearance – up to five, according to a Roper survey.

What can you do to make your teeth reflect the inner you? Whiten them! We have chosen the Ultradent Opalescence system to get your teeth their very whitest. Using custom fitted trays that you use at home, the Opalescence system delivers superior effectiveness and whitening permanence. It is an effective, reliable way to whiten your teeth with the power of oxygen molecules breaking the bonds of the discolored molecules on your teeth.

If you prefer something ready to use, we also offer Opalescence Go take-home trays. Nothing to fill, no impressions to make, they’re ready to use right out of the package. For more information on Opalescence GO, tap HERE.