Diagnosing and Treating Akron’s TMJ Pain

Advanced Dentistry for Headache Relief

Are you tired of living with pain and taking painkillers to get through your day? Do you want to face your days without a headache? We think life is too short for anyone to have to deal with constant discomfort. That’s why Dr. Stephens has spent so much time receiving advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ syndrome.

What Dr. Stephens Can Do to Help

Dr. Stephens’ treatments are based on the principles of Centric Relation to help relax your jaw muscles and move your bite back into its ideal position.

We start by determining the optimal position of your jaw by measuring the relaxed position of the head and neck muscles, and then repositioning the jaw to achieve those exact measurements.

We might use a variety of treatments to achieve that ideal position and keep it there, including a full mouth restoration and occlusal splints. Treatments are intended to hold your muscles in a relaxed position and your bite in line, minimizing tension and dental wear.

Our TMJ disorder patients are amazed at how quickly they find relief and can get back to living a full – and pain-free – life again. They are also often surprised to find that they look better and more refreshed after treatment!