Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

Akron’s Healthier, More Attractive Choice

What sets Dr. Stephens and his team apart is their attention to detail. Even the simplest of procedures are done with skillful artistry. To most, a filling is a routine procedure that is done after a patient has developed a cavity. To Dr. Stephens, it is an opportunity to restore a tooth back to its natural beauty.

In the past, amalgam/silver fillings were the material of choice. But over time, it was found that silver fillings could actually damage the teeth. Since this type of filling is wedged into the tooth and not bonded to the tooth itself, a dentist would have to over prepare or make the opening larger so the tooth could hold in the filling. This unfortunately could weaken the tooth structure and cause the tooth to fracture as time went on. Tooth colored fillings are bonded which allows Dr. Stephens to be more conservative in his tooth removal.