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TMJ Disorder Treatments From Dr. Bryan Stephens

Many patients come to us with a clicking, popping jaw, joint pain and chronic headaches. In fact, many of the patients who mention that they experience frequent migraines also have sounds in their jaw joints and upper body pain. All of these are symptoms of TMJ Disorder or TMD.

Basically, TMD is a result of a poorly balanced bite (the way your teeth come together) and it can lead to all kinds dental wear and discomfort – including those debilitating chronic headaches and upper body pain.

Millions of Americans have this disorder and many of them suffer for years without a diagnosis. In fact, many of our patients have come to Dr. Stephens after years of going from doctor to doctor, being tested or prescribed pain medications. Some of our TMD patients feel they will never find relief because they have been told the only way to obtain it is through jaw surgery!

Our therapy often begins with a bite splint, which is a hard acrylic appliance that is custom fabricated for you to provide you with an artificially perfect bite. It can be fit on either the lower or upper jaw.

Wearing a bite splint is relaxing for those suffering from muscle tension and pain. Wearing it is also a time of discovery. You will experience what a comfortable difference a stable, solid bite can make on your teeth, your muscles, and your jaw. Unless the TMJ is badly damaged, it is very likely that many of the signs and symptoms of occlusal disease will diminish or disappear.

Our happiest patients are those who experience muscle relief and in a matter of days have reduced headaches and an increased range of motion of the head and neck.

It feels so good when functional harmony has been achieved – a fact that improves the likelihood of lifelong oral health.