One Visit Crowns

Convenience and time-saving technology


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Bryan Stephens, DDS stays on top of the latest ways to provide patients the highest quality cosmetic dentistry.  He now offers patients the newest and most innovative technology called CEREC restorations.  CEREC technology allows trained dentists to create a strong, customized, tooth-colored restoration at the office- usually within a single appointment.

What does this mean for you? Time. Traditional dental crowns require at least two visits, with time for the dental lab to create the crown.  At the initial appointment, the tooth is prepared, impressions are taken and a temporary is placed.  Then the creation process at the dental lab takes at least three weeks to return the porcelain crown.  After the crown is delivered to our office, you need to come in for a second appointment to have the crown bonded into place.

With CEREC crown technology, we are able to provide a porcelain crown in one appointment.  Once the tooth is prepared, we take a digital impression and Dr. Stephens designs your crown.  The crown is milled from a ceramic block on-site while you relax and enjoy our comfortable amenities.  The crown is stained, glazed and then fired in our porcelain oven.  Once cooled and polished, we try it in and check the fit.  Dr. Stephens makes any necessary adjustments and then bonds the crown into place.  One day and done!

This technology is not limited to just crowns!  Implants can also be restored with CEREC.  We are able to design custom implant abutments, implant crowns and implant supported bridges.  All these restorations are custom designed and stained, making them look and feel like your natural teeth.

If you are not a candidate for a dental implant, bridges can also be made utilizing CEREC technology to replace missing teeth.

Dr. Bryan Stephens and his staff stay up to date on all the newest technology to make sure our patients’ comfort is met all while providing the highest quality of cosmetic dentistry. Contact us today to see if CEREC technology would work for you!

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“What a surprising experience I had getting a crown on my tooth!  Wasn’t painful at all, had old filling removed and replaced by the crown- all in one visit and in a short time!  Got to see THE MACHINE, read a magazine article, and had good conversations, too.  Dr. Stephens and Lori were great!” – Marianne