Making Northeast Ohio Brighter

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With Teeth Whitening You look in the mirror and smile, but the person smiling back just doesn’t seem as young and fresh as she used to be. Maybe the problem is simply that your smile isn’t as bright as it was a few years ago. The truth is a darker smile can make us look… Read more »

Exploring Metal Fillings

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Fairlawn Dental Health When is the last time you thought about your fillings? When you run your tongue over the fillings in your molars, how do they feel? Are they rough and jagged? Does touching them or chewing cause any kind of twinge or pain? Now look in a mirror and open your mouth. Have… Read more »

In Introduction to Comprehensive Dentistry

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Keeping Northeast Ohio’s Smiles Balanced, Healthy and Strong We talk a lot about comprehensive dentistry – in our office, on our website and in our treatment plans. But what does comprehensive dentistry really mean? Comprehensive dentistry is a superior way of treating our patients. Less comprehensive dentistry is more of a palliative approach. In other… Read more »